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3D Printing

Ignite innovation with 3D Printing! Turn imagination into reality. Precision, customization, and endless possibilities. Explore now!

Custom Mugs

Explore our custom mugs - your design, your style. Unleash creativity in every sip!

Make your own moulds

The MAYKU FormBox is your very own desktop production line. Craft by hand or pair with our 3D printer. Vacuum molds within seconds.

Music creation

Step into perfection with our sound booth! Craft pristine audio, vocals, and podcasts. Elevate your recording experience!


Dive into a world of gaming excitement at your library! Join us for thrilling gaming sessions and epic tournaments. Fun for all ages!

Photo & Video creation/editing

Anyone with an interest in film/video or photography, can create a scene using the green screen and edit their footage by using dedicated software.

Computer coding/programming

Making games, programmes and possibly be part of the Coding Club where people can learn about Scratch, HTML, Python, CSS Coding Club etc.