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3D Printing

CAD designs and prototypes as well as 3D Scanned images can be manipulated and printed.

3D Scanning

Scan a broken item, repair the item digitally on a PC and send the repaired design to the 3D printer.

Make your own moulds

The MAYKU FormBox is your very own desktop production line. Craft by hand or pair with our 3D printer. Vacuum molds within seconds.

Music creation

Using Ableton Live, Cubase, Pro Tools and GarageBand you can compose music using a MIDI keyboard, electric guitar and DJ turntable. All within a sound isolated studio.

Film shows

The installed projector and surround sound system can transform Stordy Creadigol to a movie venue.

Photo & Video creation/editing

Anyone with an interest in film/video or photography, can create a scene using the green screen and edit their footage by using dedicated software.

Computer coding/programming

Making games, programmes and possibly be part of the Coding Club where people can learn about Scratch, HTML, Python, CSS Coding Club etc.

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