Draft Charging Policy for Social Care Services

Short term/Respite stays at a care home

10. Short term/Respite stays at a care home

Where a person with care and support needs is a short-term resident in a care home, and at the point of admission the placement is planned to be less than 8 weeks, then this placement will be financially assessed as if that person was receiving Non-Residential care. A person with care and support needs can have multiple stays in any period which are classed as short term which cumulatively add up to more than 8 weeks.

The charge per night for all short-term placements will be based on the full cost of the placement. For placements into a Carmarthenshire care homes, the charge will be, the published weekly charge for the care homes it operates, and for placements into an Independent Sector care home the charge will be the contracted amount.

The non-residential assessment rules will be applied to short term stays which are assessed at the outset as not exceeding 8 weeks on any one occasion. Temporary placements or permanent placements which for any reason last for 8 weeks or less will be financially assessed using the residential charging rules.

Short term stays that extend beyond 8 weeks on any one occasion will be charged as though the resident is subject to the residential charging rules as appropriate from the first day of the 9th week.

Where a short-term stay extends beyond 8 weeks and the extension is due to the non-availability of an assessed service and a direct payment is not the preferred choice or will not meet the person’s assessed outcomes, then the short stay charging rules can be extended beyond 8 weeks where the resident cannot be discharged solely because the assessed services remain unavailable. In such instances the person with care and support needs will be charged for the services they actually receive.