Support for carers

Page updated on: 05/03/2024

A carer is someone who provides or intends to provide unpaid care for an adult or a disabled child.  There is no age limit to being a carer, even children can be Young Carers.

Caring can mean lots of different things.  It may mean you help someone with personal tasks, for example, you may help with bathing or dressing or giving medication.  It may mean you provide emotional support or supervision for someone who needs this such as people experiencing mental illness or drug and alcohol problems.

Individuals can often find themselves in a caring role with little preparation. It is important to find the right information and support to provide this invaluable role.

There are many organisations which can help and support you.  They can can offer a wide range of information on an individual basis.   

As an unpaid carer who appears to have support needs you are entitled to a carers assessment.  These pages will help you find information relevant to your caring situation.