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Page updated on: 29/04/2022

A residents parking scheme has been introduced to the following towns, Ammanford, Carmarthen, Llanelli, Llandeilo and Llandovery. If you live in the zones made available for residents parking you can apply for a permit. 

Permits are available to those people who reside in the residents zones and are valid for 12 months. You should be aware, however, that a permit does not guarantee you a place to park your vehicle - it only gives you permission to do so in the appropriate zone, if space is available. This permission only applies during the period of validity of your permit and from Monday to Saturday, 8am-6pm.

A permit does not allow you to park on:

  • yellow lines during their time of operation
  • in the one hour limited waiting areas for longer than one hour.

We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw permits for households found to be abusing the scheme.

Below is a summary of the scheme, the types of permits available, proof required, any conditions and costs.

To apply for a permit or ask a question please email us.

Resident motor vehicles under 2 tonne unladen weight and/or 5.3 metres (17’ 4”) in length or with a maximum of 8 passenger seats. (Includes LPG or electric vehicles).

  • Maximum 2 permits per household
  • £30 per permit. LPG or electric vehicles free.
  • Two proofs of residency required and proof that you are entitled to drive the vehicle.

Permit is issued for a specific vehicle. If you have a temporary change of vehicle for a period of not more than one week (i.e. a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is in for repair/service or a hire car) you can use your visitors permit. LPG or electric vehicle owners will need to supply proof that their vehicle uses LPG or electricity.

To apply for a permit or ask a question please email  -

Issued to the first applicant for a resident permit. Can also be issued, on application, to non-car owners or non-applicants for a resident permit. Parking for cars and light vans only.

  • Maximum 1 permit
  • £30 per permit
  • If you have not applied for a resident permit, you will need to provide 2 proofs of residency.

To apply for a permit or ask a question please email  -

Business located in the zone.

  • Maximum 1 permit
  • £50 per permit
  • Proof: A copy of the last Non Domestic Rates Bill

To apply for a permit or ask a question please email  -

Available to a resident who has a long-term sickness or disability or are in need of regular supervision.

  • Maximum 1 permit
  • Free
  • Proof of the need for medical supervision will be required.

To apply for a permit or ask a question please email  -

Parking services will contact you 30 days prior to your renewal date with a reminder. If you have not received / lost your reminder please e-mail

You need to ensure:

  • Your name is on the council tax/business rates
  • Vehicle details remain unchanged

You will need:

  • Application reference (provided on the reminder)
  • Post code
  • Debit/Credit Card

Renew online

If you lose, damage or destroy your permit or change your vehicle and require a new permit, you will need to make a fresh application along with the relevant proofs and any payment. Any replacement permits issued will be valid for 12 months from its issue date. In the case of a change of vehicle, you will need to surrender your current permit. The charge is to cover the administration cost involved with producing a new permit.

To apply for a permit or ask a question please email -

If you change address you should return your permit(s) to us for cancellation. Please send your permit(s) to:

Carmarthenshire County Council
Parking Services
SA31 3WR

This is an important part of maintaining the parking permit scheme since until you return your permit(s), we will not be able to issue permit(s) to the new occupiers.

If you have just moved in then you should supply the proofs mentioned in the "Apply for a permit" section. If you move to another permit parking zone you will need to apply for a permit for the new zone. This will require the completion of a new application form, submission of the correct proofs and any payment. Please ensure that you surrender the permit(s) applicable to your former address.

To apply for a permit or ask a question please email -

Annual Parking Permits are available to purchase online for the following locations:  

  • Pembrey Country Park
  • Llyn Llech Owain
  • Millennium Coastal Park

If you are unable to purchase your parking permit at home and require some assistance, you can attend any of the following locations where the staff will be more than happy to assist you in your purchase:

  • Pembrey Country Park, Pembrey Carmarthenshire, SA16 0EJ
  • Hwb Llanelli, 36 Stepney Street, Llanelli, SA15 3TR
  • Hwb Ammanford, 41 Quay Street, Ammanford, SA18 3BS 
  • Hwb Carmarthen, 3 Spilman Street, Carmarthen, SA31 1LE

To apply for an annual parking permit you will need documentation to show that your vehicle(s) are registered to your home address. This can include a log book or insurance document. 

Purchase annual parking permit

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