Bws Bach y Wlad

Carmarthenshire County Council is proud to launch Bws Bach y Wlad, a new initiative aimed at improving public transport accessibility in rural areas across the region.

We are responding to the discontinuation of the Bwcabus service, which ceased operations due to a lack of government funding, which left the North of Carmarthenshire with a void in its transportation services.

Designed as a village hopper style service, Bws Bach y Wlad is set to benefit rural residents by providing them with increased opportunities for convenient and affordable travel. Operating as a Pilot operation for 9 months, five days a week, the service will offer free concessionary travel and discounted rates for young people, making it more accessible to a wider range of community members.

Focusing initially on the surrounding areas of Llanybydder and Newcastle Emlyn, as identified in the Council's 'Moving Rural Carmarthenshire Forward' report, the project aims to support the delivery of Carmarthenshire County Council’s broader 'Hwb Bach y Wlad' service. The Council recognises the shrinking of scheduled services in these areas and is committed to ensuring that residents have reliable and convenient transportation options.

To avoid duplication and optimise the overall network, the project team will collaborate closely with Community Transport providers, Dolen Teifi. This strategic partnership aims to ensure that future services complement the intended network, offering a seamless and integrated transportation solution for the benefit of the entire community.

The project secured vital SPF funding, showcasing Carmarthenshire County Council's commitment to addressing transportation challenges in rural communities. The primary goal of the initiative is to connect rural residents to locations where economic opportunities exist, fostering growth and development in the region. The service will also play a crucial role in addressing the challenges faced by local residents in accessing essential services such as healthcare, education, employment, and shopping.

The Bws Bach y Wlad bus service represents a significant step towards enhancing rural connectivity, addressing transportation gaps, and promoting economic development in West Wales.

Bws Bach y Wlad is due to be launched on 29 April 2024. Timetable details can be found here

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