Digital Connectivity

Digital technology underpins almost every aspect of modern living across work, travel, leisure and health, and good internet access is now widely viewed as the ‘4th utility’. Fast, reliable connectivity is vital to support business growth, help rural communities to thrive, improve health and well-being, and make it easier for people to get online and access public services.

Superfast broadband is defined as an internet connection with a download speed greater than 30mb per second. 91% of Carmarthenshire residents and businesses have access to superfast broadband and over 50% of the County now have access to gigabit capable speeds. 

Broadband speeds can affect the way you run your business and the more devices within the business, the bigger the bandwidth you will need to prevent slow down or loss of service. If you're unsure what is best for your business, or what is available in your area the resources on this page will help you decide.