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Page updated on: 28/07/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our tourism and hospitality sector have been growing steadily year on year estimated in 2018 to contribute almost £½billion to the local economy. It is now amongst the hardest hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Key to the return of the tourism industry is providing confidence and reassurance to local communities that extra care has been taken to protect them as visitors return.

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In 2018 3.28million visitors came to Carmarthenshire, generating almost £442 million for the local economy. Over 6.3 million tourist days were spent in the County with 1million people staying in one of the 823 establishments. The changes for 2008 - 2018 (%) are as follows:

  • Economic impact: +35.4% (£326million to £441million in 2018)
  • Visitor numbers: +11%
  • FTEs: -3.6%

The increase in visitor yield was driven by strong performance in the staying visitor sector especially serviced. Since 2008, the annual number of staying visitors to Carmarthenshire here has increased by 59%, contributing a further £35million to the economy in 2018. Non serviced is still the largest provider of accommodation rising in economic impact by 20.7% since 2008 with a value in 2018 of £254million. Our tourism performance is measured using STEAM (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor).

Who are our visitors?

  • Affluent 'Empty Nesters' aged 55+ years
  • Average number of people in each visiting party is 4.4
  • Mid income families with older children
  • 97% said they were likely to return in future
  • 98% said they would recommend it as a place to visit
  • Large % came from other areas of Wales as well as Midlands, South East, USA, and Ireland