Road cycling

Page updated on: 03/01/2023

With a 3,487km road network (2nd longest in Wales) in coastal and countryside settings and a portfolio of cycling friendly accommodation, we (with Welsh Government support) are currently delivering a marketing campaign to attract road cyclists to ride and stay in Carmarthenshire.

Cycling is one of the fastest growing recreational activities nationwide, which the Covid-19 virus has only increased. This is a growing, high spending and non-seasonal target audience in which we have an exceptionally competitive product offering. It is a form of tourism that communities can capitalise on sustainable economic development opportunities and it’s particularly beneficial for rural communities as these tourists tend to seek out low-traffic, scenic rural roads that are off the beaten path. They are pedal-powered and travel more slowly, resulting in longer stays in an area as well as more spending for services. Cycling also contributes to better community health and related savings, less congestion, environmental health, and happier people. 

Actions thus far include: the creation and visualisation of 6 key routes by an ex-professional rider, formation of a county wide cycling forum and a pilot town group (Llandovery), hosting the UK’s largest men’s and women’s road cycling race and gaining coverage in newspapers and magazines such as Men’s Health and Guardian.