Council Budget

7. Simple ways to save the Council money

You may be able to help save the Council money by using the following simple tips. This will enable us to maintain and deliver important services more effectively.

Recycle more of your household rubbish

We are required to increase our recycling rate to 64% and for every 1% under this Welsh Government target the Council will be fined £164,000.

Report any rubbish that’s been dumped

It not only spoils the environment; it costs time and resources to clear it up. Help us to catch the offenders - we won't hesitate to take action and prosecute.

Dispose of your litter responsibly

Street cleaning costs the Council a significant sum every year. By disposing of your litter properly, this will reduce the need for Council staff to clean litter from our streets.

Pay by Direct Debit

It costs us less to administer Direct Debit than any other payment method. You can pay for Council Tax, Adult social care services, housing rent and more. Call us to set this up on 01267 234567.

Become a volunteer

Make a positive contribution to the local community, learn and develop a new skill, become a volunteer and support local people.

We'd also ask that you continue to use your council website to access services available online rather than contacting us by phone or in person. It costs just a few pence to access services online rather than several pounds to visit us in-person or contacting us by phone. 

We will be making more of our services available through our website, e-mail and tell us what you'd like to be able to access online.