Waste Statement for Carmarthenshire

Changes made over the last 6 years

We are continuingly making changes to waste services to ensure that we provide the best possible recycling service to residents and meet our statutory targets.


Extended kerbside recycling to all households in the county. Introduced a new subscription garden waste collection, via a dedicated chargeable wheeled bin service.


Commenced annual delivery of 3 rolls of blue recycling bags to all households.


Added 3 rolls of food bin liners to the annual deliveries. Encouraging more households to recycle their food.


Introduced considerable changes at our recycling centres, to boost recycling rates and reduce costs resulting from illegal commercial use and prioritise a high level of service for Carmarthenshire residents. Commercial waste was banned and permits introduced for commercial type vehicles. Residency checks were put in place, as well as sorting of any black bagged waste brought into the sites.
Reduced the residual black bag allowance for households, to 3 per collection. This was implemented to further encourage waste reduction and recycling behaviours with householders; by adopting a hierarchical approach to reduce waste first before recycling everything possible.


Increased the number of glass recycling containers across our recycling sites.
Improved our recycling items delivery and bulky waste collection service, to speed up delivery for our customers, and increase collection capacity.
Introduction of an appointment-based system for HWRC appointments as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic in May 2020. The system allows residents to book in advance or on the day, digitally or via our contact centre.

2021 Diverted Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) from landfill by the introduction of a new hygiene waste collection service.