Waste Statement for Carmarthenshire

Moving forward, the next few years in Carmarthenshire

Welsh Government funding has facilitated in addition to the hygiene waste collection service introduced in Autumn 2021 a new nappy waste collection service which will be introduced in Spring 2022. Residents who subscribe to this free service, will be provided with purple bags, which will be collected fortnightly. The waste will be processed at Nappy Cycle in Capel Hendre. During processing, materials like plastic are recovered and recycled where possible.

Garden waste
Additional garden waste vehicles will allow us to extend the scheme to even more households and make the service more efficient. All garden waste is processed at Nantycaws to produce ‘Merlin’s Magic Compost’.

Reuse projects
Carmarthenshire has secured Welsh Government circular economy grant funding to build a reuse village at Nanytycaws and open a reuse shop in Llanelli Town Centre. The ‘Eto’ project was launched in February 2022 with the opening of Llanelli shop, the reuse village is due to open in Spring 2022. Residents will be able to donate waste items suitable for reuse/repair at all our recycling centres, reducing waste and giving them a second life.

This move is to facilitate more reuse and repair opportunities for residents, encouraging them to reduce their waste as a priority before considering any recycling options. It will give residents an opportunity to purchase items at an affordable price whilst reusing an item that in the past would have been thrown away.

Paint Reuse Facility
Via the government’s Circular Economy funding a paint reuse facility is due to start in spring 2022 at Nantycaws, whereby water-based emulsion paints received at the four HWRC will be mixed and resold in our ‘Eto’ reuse shops.

Commercial Recycling Centre
A commercial waste recycling facility is being developed at Nantycaws. It will provide an outlet for the business sector in Carmarthenshire to recycle and re-use their waste. Once segregated the waste will become a resource for recycling recovery markets, for use in the creation of sustainable products, working towards the circular economy ambitions of Welsh Government.

This facility will significantly increase the capture of recyclable waste from local businesses. Providing opportunities to re-use and recycle more of their waste, reduce their carbon footprint, and become more resource efficient. This will enable local businesses to save money on disposal costs to become more resilient and achieve positive environmental outcomes.

Future changes to kerbside recycling collections
From Autumn 2022, we will start collecting:

  • Blue bags every week
  • Glass collections every three weeks
  • Black bags every three weeks – up to a maximum of three bags per collection
  • Food waste will continue to be collected weekly.

In 2024, we will introduce:

  • Separate weekly collections of glass, paper, cardboard, cans and plastic, textiles and batteries and small household appliances.

Chargeable garden waste collections and free nappy & hygiene collections will continue as subscription services, collected fortnightly.