Report a change of circumstance

Page updated on: 03/09/2018

If you receive Housing Benefit and your circumstances (or those of a member of your household) change you must tell us immediately because this can affect your entitlement to benefit. 

If you do not tell us about a change in your circumstance within a month of the change you could lose out on any increase in benefit or if there is a decrease in benefit, you could end up with an overpayment, which you will have to pay back.

These are some example of changes that you should tell us about:

  • If you change address (for private tenants this includes a change of room in the same property).
  • A change in your income or the income of a household member (e.g. partner, children or other people who live with you).
  • If you, your partner or a household member stop receiving Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance (Income Based), Employment and Support Allowance (Income Based) or Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit).
  • A change to your household composition i.e. if someone moves in/out.
  • If you, your partner or a household member start work.
  • If you go to prison.
  • If any of your children leave school.
  • If the amount of your childcare payments change.
  • If the rent you pay changes (private tenants only).
  • If you leave your address for a temporary period e.g. if you go into hospital or residential care.
  • If you decide to stay permanently in a residential care or nursing home.
  • If you go abroad for more than 4 weeks.

We will need proof of any changes

In most cases we will need to see original supporting documents such as a letter from your landlord if advising of a rent increase or wage slips if your wages have changed. If you cannot supply supporting documents immediately do not delay telling us of the change.

Please note if you are receiving Housing Benefit, you are still required to notify us of a change in your circumstances even though you may have notified the DWP separately. 

Report a change in circumstance