Page updated on: 18/01/2022

If you are planning to carry out demolition work you may need to let us know before you start. We need to be notified if the demolition is more than 1750ft3 or 47m3 in volume. This can be about the size of a two-storey rear extension. The application must be made at least six weeks before the work is due to start.

We will issue a notice setting out various conditions, which are intended to ensure that the work is carried out safely and with no loss of public amenity. No demolition operation should commence unless we have given a notice under Section 81 or six weeks has elapsed since the giving notification as to the intention to commence a demolition operation.

This period is required to allow time for us to consult other interested parties. We will endeavour to consult as quickly as possible and in many cases will be able to give a notice within seven to fourteen days.

It is also the responsibility of the person carrying out the demolition to consult occupiers of adjacent buildings and the Gas and Electricity Boards.

Where a local authority gives notice under Section 81 they must also give a copy to the owners and occupiers of any building adjacent to the demolition site and the statutory undertakers. The Fire Service and the Health and Safety Executive must also be given a copy if it is proposed to burn material on the site.

The notice may contain the following conditions:

  • Shore up adjacent buildings
  • Weatherproof surfaces of adjacent buildings
  • Repair and make good damage to an adjacent building caused by the demolition
  • Remove material or rubbish form the site resulting from the demolition
  • Disconnect and seal any drain or sewer
  • Remove any drain or sewer
  • Make good the surface of the ground disturbed
  • Make arrangements for the disconnection of gas, water and electricity into the building
  • Make arrangements regarding the burning of materials on site with the Health and Safety Executive and Fire Authority
  • Take such steps as the local authority consider necessary for the protection of the public and the preservation of public amenity.