Single person discount

Page updated on: 26/09/2020

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If you have had a change in circumstances, or a reduction in your income, you could be entitled to Housing Benefit to help pay your rent, or a Council Tax Reduction to help towards your Council Tax payments. You can make a claim whether you’re unemployed or working; and how much you get depends on your income and circumstances, such as if you live on your own.

If you have been furloughed or if you are self-employed and have had to stop working, we will also be as flexible as possible, for example, we can arrange a deferment in your payment schedule, subject to supporting evidence of income loss. To arrange a deferment or for any other query in relation to your Council Tax, please

For those residents that are still in employment and can continue to pay their Council Tax, we would like to thank you, this will allow us to continue to provide critical services to communities during this uncertain time.

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Normally properties occupied by 2 or more adults will be subject to full Council Tax, however, reductions are available for single occupants.

If a resident of a property falls into one of the criteria listed below then that person would not be counted as a resident for Council Tax, but to qualify for discount there must be no more than one person left counted as resident. e.g.

  1. A property occupied by 3 adults, one of whom is a student. The student would not be counted but there would be no discount as there are still 2 residents counted.
  2. A property occupied by 2 adults, one of whom is a student. The student would not be counted and the bill would be reduced by 25% as there is only one resident counted.
  3. Single occupiers get 25% discount automatically.

Apply for a single person discount View list of exemptions