Admission to School - Information for Parents 2023-2024

Notification of Offer of a Place at a School

Parents will be advised by e-mail confirming, or otherwise, that a place is available at the school and offering them the opportunity of accepting the place in line with the admissions arrangements set in the Schedule of Events as detailed in this document.

A Parent must accept the offer email to secure a place in school. If a Parent does not respond by the date on the email, the place may be withdrawn and the place offered to another pupil.

Applications for admission outside of the normal admissions arrangements will be notified usually within 15 school days or 28 calendar days, whichever is soonest from receipt of application.

Waiting List

Where it has not been possible to admit a pupil to a school due to over- subscription, parents must inform the Authority by e-mail or letter if they wish their child’s name to be placed on the waiting list which will be retained until 30 September, 2023. Should vacancies become available they will be awarded in accordance with the over-subscription criteria outlined rather than the amount of time the application has been on the waiting list. It should be noted that fresh applications must be made after the 30th September deadline.

Pupils on the waiting list will only be considered for a school place, if the number of places allocated/on roll in the relevant year group drop below the admission number for the school. Should vacancies become available all new and late applications received at that time will be considered for the vacancies along with those on the waiting list. Any available places will be allocated in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. Applications on the waiting list for the normal admissions arrangements will be kept reviewed on a monthly basis until the 30th of September after the notification of decision date as set in the admissions schedule of events timetable detailed in this document.

Parents can appeal a decision while on the waiting list for multiple schools.

Withdrawing the Offer of a Place

The offer of a school place will be withdrawn on the basis:

  1. that it is subsequently discovered that a fraudulent or intentionally misleading application was made(e.g. falsely claiming to reside within a catchment area of a school); or
  2. the offer of a place has not been accepted by the dates on the letter/email. The Authority may thenwithdraw the offer and the place may be given to another child.
  3. A place at another school is confirmed by a parent/guardian.
  4. If a pupil has not started at a school at the end of the school term of which term they were due to start in accordance with the Authority policy.