Understanding your fuel bills

Page updated on: 05/09/2023

Understanding your fuel bills can be a really complicated and difficult thing to do, yet unless you can do this then you are at risk of paying too much & maybe even getting in to debt. It is very important to know how much gas & electricity that you are using so it is essential that you have accurate meter readings.

If your bill is estimated then you need to supply your utility company with the latest & most accurate reading that you can. If you are having difficulty reading your meter then contact your utility company directly. 

If you're struggling to pay your bills then talk to your existing suppliers and see if there is any way that they can help you. They may be able to offer you a better deal or tariff. Generally a standard tariff is one of the most expensive you could be on. A few simple online checks or phone calls should tell you if you can save on your fuel bills, if you can save – switch! It is good practice to shop around for your gas & electricity on an annual basis. To help you with this task the government has an accredited list of independent comparison websites.

You could also consider joining a ‘collective switch’ where you can group together with others to secure an even better deal. If you live in a rural area and use oil, consider joining a Fuel Club, where you can buy oil in bulk with your neighbours, and share the savings.