Move ready and finding a home

Page updated on: 03/04/2024

This will depend on:

  • The availability of properties
  • The size of property you need
  • The urgency of your situation

You should consider renting from a private landlord as well as a community landlord.
There are a few private landlord options:

  • Simple lettings: Private properties, managed by the council
  • House share option: Renting a spare room
  • Private landlord: Private landlords direct or through a letting agent

 Provides a guarantee from Welsh Government that the landlords are registered and the property must be of a certain standard.
You can check perspective landlords online


If you have found an affordable property yourself, contact us on 01267 228680 or your Housing Options Advisor. We can provide you with advice, support and help you prepare for your private tenancy.
Most landlords ask for a bond and rent in advance, there is financial help available for this called The Bond Scheme – we can help with this!

Update your application on Canfod Cartref if anything changes
Be proactive
If you have a Housing Options Advisor, keep in regular contact and always return their calls as promptly as you can.

Knowing how much financial help you will get to pay the rent is important. You should check what you are entitled to and ensure that your home is affordable by completing an income and expenditure sheet.

If you are allocated a council property, the following will be provided:
In the kitchen and bathroom there is nonslip flooring, however the rest of the rooms may not have any flooring.There will be no furniture and no white goods, such as washing machines, cooker, or fridge freezer. The walls may need painting.
So, you need to prepare now for accepting a property like this as you will only have a short time before you are expected to move in.

This will vary depending on what the landlord has stipulated in your contract. Private rented properties can be furnished and carpeted, but it will be important to check this with your landlord.

Start saving now to pay for the move. Listed are some things to consider in preparation for your move:

  • Furniture
  • White goods
  • Carpets
  • Painting & decorating
  • Quotes for removals – saving time and money
  • Collect boxes & start packing – get rid of unwanted items
  • Check service providers like phone and electricity – possible early exit fees to pay
  • Schools - if you have children, changing areas - schools & transport
  • Do a benefit check - make sure you are claiming all money you are entitled to

You may be eligible for some help with things like removal costs or essential white goods and furniture. If you are, your Pre-Accommodation Officer can make an application on your behalf.