A guide to Planning Enforcement in Carmarthenshire

Executive Summary

Enforcement is one of the most complex parts of the planning system and is an issue that concerns many members of the public, given the need to ensure that appropriate action is taken against unacceptable breaches of control in the wider public interest.

While all valid complaints will always be investigated, it is not however always possible or expedient for the Authority to take action against unauthorised development. The aim of this Statement is therefore to establish a framework against which the public can expect from the delivery of the Planning Enforcement service by Carmarthenshire County Council.

This Statement seeks to:-

  • Provide an overview of the planning enforcement system, including a summary of what may constitute a breach of planning control
  • Detail the enforcement processes and powers available to the Council
  • Identify policies and procedures which set out how the Carmarthenshire’s Planning Enforcement team will deal with enforcement complaints in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner
  • Detail the service standards that we strive to achieve to ensure that enforcement complaints are dealt with in a timely manner, and that complainants are advised of the outcome of such investigations at appropriate stages