A guide to Planning Enforcement in Carmarthenshire

How can an enforcement issue be reported?

If you believe there to be a planning breach, in order for the planning enforcement team to investigate your complaint you must formally submit a complaint. This is necessary in order for us to obtain a full picture of the situation and avoid allocating resources to enquiries which cannot be taken further.

You may make a service request:

All service requests are required to provide their full name, a phone number, postal address and email address.

Anonymous service request will not be investigated (unless the complaint is clearly of a serious service nature, including demolition in conservation areas, works to TPO trees, works to listed buildings). This is to ensure that public resources are not spent unnecessarily investigating hoax or malicious service request. It is also important that, should legal action become necessary in relation to a complaint, the Council can state in court that the matter was reported by a local resident. All details provided by a complainant will always remain totally confidential, unless the information is required for use as evidence in court. If this does happen, the Council will make all reasonable efforts to inform you before disclosing any information. We may also need to contact you prior to any site inspection being carried out to seek further information or clarification from you regarding the details of the alleged breach.
It may be the case that the development in question does not require planning permission and therefore cannot be enforced against. You are strongly advised, prior to submitting any enquiry, to check whether the particular development or activity which is causing you concern already benefits from planning permission or falls within permitted development category. This information can be found on our website .

To help us deal with your case as soon as possible it is important to provide as much information as you can. Below is a list of the type of information that would assist us in dealing with your complaint:

  • An accurate description of the location or address for the particular site;
  • A detailed description of the activities taking place and why they are cause for concern;
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of those persons responsible for the alleged breach or the land owners;
  • The date and times of when the alleged breach took place;
  • Any other information or evidence (including photos) that may be able to assist;
  • Your name and contact details as set out above.