You can decide how your needs will be met, by whom and at a time that suits you. Direct Payments can only be spent on services to meet the needs described in your assessment and detailed in your care plan. You can use your Direct Payments to buy community care services such as:

  • To help with personal care such as washing, dressing and eating meals
  • Practical help and support with activities
  • Respite Care

You cannot use Direct Payments for health or housing services. You may be asked to pay part of the cost towards your care. This depends on the type of care or service you are assessed as needing, and may also depend on how much income and savings you have. If you have to pay something, this amount will be the same whether the services are arranged for you by Social Care or whether you choose Direct Payments. You are entitled to a financial assessment, the results of which will determine how much you will be asked to contribute.