Occupational Therapy

Page updated on: 15/05/2024

Occupational Therapists advise and help people with disabilities and illnesses who require help to be as independent as possible in their own home.

You may be finding it difficult to carry out everyday tasks in your home, like going up and down the stairs, getting up from your arm chair or using the bath. Depending on the type and level of help you need, an Occupational Therapist will offer suggestions and practical support on how to cope with your particular difficulties and can give advice on disability equipment or adaptations to your home.

How can I get help?

If you live in Carmarthenshire, have a disability or are experiencing difficulties in your daily life you or someone acting on your behalf can arrange for an Occupational Therapist to visit you at home.

Please give as many details as possible about the things you are finding difficult to do, or need help with. This will give us a clear understanding of your situation and help us to arrange an assessment. Demand for this service is high. There is a waiting list in operation therefore we may not be able to carry out an assessment immediately.

What is an assessment?

A member of the Occupational Therapy Team will visit you at home to ask more about your difficulties and how you are managing everyday activities. We may ask you to demonstrate how you carry out certain tasks. After the assessment we will discuss the options available to meet your needs, and what assistance or advice we can offer. We will listen to your views and those of your carer if applicable during the assessment. You will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.

Request an assessment