Private access protection markings (H Bar)

Page updated on: 19/05/2022

White bar markings are reserved for sites where there is a persistent problem, with frequent obstruction of access. It should be noted that these markings have no legal standing. However if a vehicle does park on them, the presence of the line would tend to support the offence of obstruction which is a police matter.

The lines are intended to deter drivers who would otherwise park across access. Therefore they can be placed in residential streets with a high parking demand by non-residents e.g. near shopping or commercial areas. They will not be used where parking obstruction is by neighbours.

They shall be laid in accordance with the Road Marking Regulations and in white non-reflective material. Applicants should note that road markings will fade over time and Carmarthenshire County Council will not repaint these lines.

If the work is agreed a charge of £173 plus VAT up to 7 meters or £204 plus VAT over 7 meters will apply.

A cheque or postal order must be sent with each application made payable to Carmarthenshire County Council.

Your application will take between 4 and 6 weeks to process.

Apply for private access protection marking (.pdf)

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