Report damage to a highway structure

Page updated on: 12/10/2023

The council, as the Highway Authority, is responsible for all Highway Structures owned and/or maintained by the authority. General Inspections are carried out on all Highway Structures approximately every two years and maintenance programmes are developed accordingly.

We ask that you inform us of any of the following immediately:

  • Damaged parapet walls
  • Scour (undermining) damage of structure supports by water erosion
  • Debris blocking/obstructing natural flow of watercourse
  • Damage to bridge following bridge strike
  • Damage to structure following storm damage
  • Any visual cracking

To report any identified defect, the following information would be extremely useful:

  • Area and Structure location - street name/address/landmark and possibly a Grid Reference obtained from Geodiscover mapping system or equivalent
  • Structure Type – what form of structure is in question i.e. Masonry Arch, Concrete Beam, Retaining wall, Culvert etc
  • Cause of Damage - provide as much information as possible
  • Vehicle - provide any vehicle information/photographs to enable us to reclaim costs if damage is caused via a bridge strike
  • Photographs - you can take a photo on your smartphone or other device and upload it as further evidence to support the authorities officers



To report an emergency, please contact us during office hours on 01267 234567 or outside normal office hours on 0300 333 2222. During severe weather, you may have to hold the line for an operator. Incidents will be dealt with in priority order.

Please note: Issues reported outside of office hours will be reviewed the next working day, subject to available resources.

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