Adult Cycle Training

Page updated on: 08/02/2024

Cycling offers so many benefits – social, health, money saving, not to mention the positive impact on traffic and the environment when travelling to work.

Perhaps you’re not so confident when it comes to cycling on roads, so why not give cycle training a try.

Would you like to improve your road skills? If so, you can book a free 1:1 training session with one of our qualified instructors. (You need to be 16years or older to take part in this course)

The sessions are flexible. They can be arranged at a convenient time and place that suits you and are available to all cyclists living in Carmarthenshire, if you are confident in your ability to control a bike e.g., steering, braking, signalling.

The course will -

  • Help you ride safely in any circumstance – such as road positioning, signalling and road awareness.
  • Help you develop advanced strategies for urban roads.
  • Boost your confidence and improve the enjoyment of cycling.

How it works

  • We arrange a 2-3 hour accompanied cycle ride for your chosen journey.
  • Often people want help to plan, then try, their commute to work and back, or simply their journey to shops, doctors etc.
  • The session includes time at the beginning and end to talk about the ride.
  • It is FREE in Carmarthenshire, but places are limited!

Book a place on a course

We have a selection of eBikes of various sizes available on offer to those who would like to take part in our free on-road cycling

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