Speed Reduction Initiative

Page updated on: 18/04/2024

We are working in partnership with GoSafe, Dyfed Powys Police and schools to combat speeding within our communities and outside our schools.

During the initiative driver speeds are highlighted using a Speed Indicator Device (SID).  A SID is a portable temporary sign that detects and records the speed of an approaching vehicle, its role is an educational tool and a deterrent measure.

The Roads Policing Unit will stop motorists who exceed the speed limit, and will then be offered the choice of a fine plus penalty points or the opportunity to speak to the children at the school and our Road Safety Officer.

The drivers who opt to speak to the children are asked a series of questions, and are then expected to explain their actions to the children. They are also given hard hitting facts about road safety such as what could happen if they collided with a child. The offending motorists are finally given further advice to take away with them.

“If you hit me at 20mph there’s around a 1% chance of killing me; if you hit me at 30mph there’s around a 7% chance of killing me; if you hit me at 40mph there’s around 31% chance of killing me.”

Benefits of the Speed Reduction Initiative:

  • Encourages the offending motorists to think about the consequences of speeding outside the school and the wider community.
  • Changing and improving driver behaviour.
  • Educate children at an early age on the dangers of speeding with the aim of embedding the message for when they become drivers themselves.
  • Highlights the responsibility of the whole community in addressing and supporting road safety.

Recent Speed Reduction Initiatives and Results:

School / Date / Time No. motorists stopped No. opting to speak to the children
10.10 - 11.15
10 9
10.10 - 11.30
7 7
10.00 - 12.00
8 8


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