Appeal against your food hygiene rating score

Page updated on: 30/01/2024

If you don't think your score reflects the conditions found at your food premise at the time of the inspection you can appeal.

The appeals procedure is not for requesting a re-inspection if you have carried out work after the initial inspection.

How do I appeal?
In the first instance you may wish to speak to your inspecting officer to try to resolve the matter informally. This will help you to understand how your rating was worked out and to see if you can resolve the matter without having to appeal.

The name of the inspecting officer and their contact details are given on the inspection report. We aim to send this report within 14 days from the date of inspection.

Appeals form

Appeal against your food hygiene rating score form

If the dispute is not resolved informally, or if you prefer not to speak to the inspecting officer, you should make the appeal within 21 days of receiving the notification of the score. Appeals received after the 21 day deadline will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Please note that the number of days includes weekends and public holidays.

We may need to speak to you to clarify points you have raised. To avoid delays please make sure that we have your daytime contact telephone number.

What happens next?
Appeals will be considered by an independent officer for Food and Safety, who will look at the inspection records and any information given by you as part of the appeal.

The officer may need to speak to the officer who carried out the inspection and/or the food business operator. In some circumstances, a further visit to the establishment may be needed. This visit will be made at a time when the premises are advertised or are known to be open, or when staff are known to be on the premises preparing food for sale. Due to the very short time-scale in which any appeal must be processed, prior notification of the visit may not be possible and only one visit will be made.

Notification of the outcome of the appeal
Until the outcome of the appeal is decided the website will show that, for the establishment in question, the assessment of hygiene standards is 'awaiting publication'. The previous score will not be displayed on the website.

The officer's decision will be communicated to the food business operator as early as possible and within 21 days from the date that the appeal was lodged. The score will also be published on the national website.

What if I don't agree with the outcome of the appeal?
You can challenge the council's decision by judicial review.

You are also able to follow Carmarthenshire County Council's Corporate Complaints procedure, including taking the matter to the Local Government Ombudsman where suitable if they consider that a council service has not been properly delivered.