Changes to existing registration

Page updated on: 08/02/2024

What happens if I close the food business or change how I work?

You must make sure we always have the latest information on your food business establishments. You must tell us about any significant changes of activity, or closure. You should tell us, before the changes occur. 

If there is a change in the operator of a food business establishment, the new business owner must tell us and register as a new business.

Significant changes that should be notified to the council include:

  • Change of business address or trading name
  • Change of Food Business Operator (for example, different owner or company name)
  • Change in the type of food activity

Report changes to existing registration

Please update the department by emailing:

Make sure you include:

  • Trading Name
  • Full Address
  • Food business owner
  • Details of your changes.