Business Renewable Energy Fund

6. Application Process and Assessment

All completed applications will be considered on first come first served basis until the total fund is fully allocated. 

Each application will be assessed against the outputs specified as well as the strength of their green growth pledge.

Carmarthenshire County Council has committed to becoming net zero carbon by 2030 and is keen to promote sustainable business practices through its funding programmes. As part of the application you will be asked how your business demonstrates a commitment to sustainable development plan and sign up to the Welsh Government Green Growth Pledge: Green Growth Pledge | Business Wales ( For more information on this, please contact

Each applicant must complete and return the following:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Quotations in line with third party procurement rules
  • At least 2 full years historical accounts and recent management accounts, if available. If the business has not been trading for 2 years, management accounts and or income & expenditure summary must be provided from the trading start date up to application date
  • Evidence of match funding
  • Compliance with the Welsh Language Standards (this will be assessed via application form)
  • Environmental Policy – Applicants will need to outline the ways in which the business is committed to reducing its impact on the environment
  • Completed Green Growth Pledge
  • Proof of the freehold or leasehold ownership of the property
  • Any relevant statutory consents (eg. planning, building regulations) Please note, if these are not required, then written confirmation of this is needed from the relevant Authority

It should be noted that the Carmarthenshire Business Renewable Energy Fund is a discretionary grant and is subject to approval by Carmarthenshire County Council. Each application will be assessed by a panel made up of officers from the Authority prior to final approval by the Head of Regeneration. Grant requests over £10,000 will be referred to the Cabinet Member for ratification