Page updated on: 12/10/2023

We currently operate two licensing schemes for privately rented properties in Carmarthenshire – a mandatory licensing scheme for houses in multiple occupation (HMO), and a selective licensing scheme which is specific to the Tyisha Ward in Llanelli. 

To become a licensed landlord you must pass a ‘fit and proper person’ test. Landlords with certain convictions will not be allowed to hold a licence and must nominate someone else who is fit and proper to manage the property for them. 

Mandatory licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) 

This applies to HMOs which are three or more storeys high and have five or more occupiers who do not form a single household. The number of storeys includes habitable basements and attics and also includes a commercial ground floor with an HMO above e.g. a ground floor shop with a two-storey shared house above counts as three storeys. Mandatory licensing applies across the whole of Carmarthenshire.

Licence fees for HMOs

Number of people Fee (£) Discounted Fee for LAW Affiliated (£) Variation Fee (£)
3 380 300 40
4-6 520 440 60
7-10 660 580 80
11 + 800 720 100

Selective Licensing Scheme

Selective licensing does not specifically relate to HMOs. Schemes may be introduced in areas of low demand housing or areas with significant anti-social behaviour problems. Such problems, usually created by just a few landlords or tenants, can have a massive impact in an area and selective licensing is intended to help improve such areas. All privately rented properties within a selective licensing area have to be licensed, regardless of whether the property is an HMO.

If you are a licence holder within a Selective Licensing Scheme you have a responsibility to ensure your tenants are not causing problems within the boundary of your property through anti-social behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour can include loud music and parties or rubbish not put out properly for collection. Whilst initially the first steps for dealing with such issues will rest with you, we, the police and other agencies will assist you to deal with anti-social behaviour. 

Licence fees within a Selective Licensing Scheme area

Type of Property Fee (£) Discounted Fee for LAW Affiliated (£) Variation Fee (£)
Single Household Occupation
(1 Building housing a family or individual)
240 180 20
2 Flats 360 280 20
3 Flats 480 400 40
4 Flats 600 520 60
5 Flats 720 640 80
6 Flats or More 840 760 100 


Some properties are exempt from licensing, including university accommodation. We may also use our discretion to grant a temporary exemption notice. Temporary exemptions apply if you, as the landlord of a private rented property, are taking steps to change the situation so that the property will no longer need to be licensed.