Tenders & Contracts

We spend approximately £200 million per annum on goods, works and services, providing businesses of all sectors and sizes with a range of commercial opportunities.  We look to purchase as much of this as possible from within the County.  

Contracts over the EU Threshold are advertised in the Official Journal for the European Union (OJEU) which can be viewed and accessed via TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) being the on-line version of OJEU.

All procurement activity over the value of £25000 is advertised on the National Procurement Website Sell2Wales and is recommended that you register free of charge on this site. This allows you to promote your organisation and receive automatic email alerts of suitable opportunities.

At present, some procurement activity under £25000 is posted on the Sell2Wales website, however we are awaiting national guidance on how best to address this level of spend.

We recognise the significance of this lower value spend and it’s attractiveness to small and new business in particular.

Where appropriate tenders are also advertised in the local press and occasionally the national press, together with an appropriate trade magazine or publication.