Carmarthenshire language profile

Page updated on: 09/06/2023

The 2011 census data is the main source of information on the situation of the Welsh language in Wales. Following the census, Carmarthenshire County Council commissioned a detailed report of the situation of the Welsh language to get a fuller picture of the county’s Welsh language profile. The Welsh in Carmarthenshire analyses the number of Welsh speakers, the confidence levels of Welsh speakers, levels of language transmission in the home and much more and it includes detail on community level, ward by ward within the county. The report provides an invaluable basis for language planning within the county.

In addition to the Census data, there is information available on the use of Welsh specifically in Welsh language use in Wales (2013-15). There is some county data on pages 32, 43, 74 and 94 that indicate the number and fluency of Welsh speakers, how often our residents in the county speak Welsh and how much use is made of Welsh in the workplace.

There are also language profiles made in the county by the Mentrau Iaith. These can be found when contacting

carmarthenshire language profile (.pdf)

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