Child Performance Licensing

Page updated on: 04/09/2023

The Education Welfare Service follows the “Keeping young Performers Safe” guidance from the Welsh Government (October 2015). Many children enjoy performing, whether in plays, films, advertising or on television and parents enjoy supporting them. However, laws exist which are designed to protect your child's welfare and prevent them from being exploited. The Local Education Authority (LEA) must be satisfied:

  • That your child’s education will not suffer
  • That your child’s health will not suffer
  • That the place of performance / rehearsal is satisfactory
  • The conditions of the licence will be observed

The LEA is empowered to refuse a licence if the above is not met.

When does a child need a licence to perform?

From birth to school leaving age - the last Friday in June of the school year in which a child reaches 16 years of age.

The person responsible for the production of the performance will need to apply for a performance licences for children who take part in the following categories:

  • A live broadcast or recorded performance for example, a television or radio programme or film.
  • A theatre performance where a charge is made
  • Any performance on licensed premises
  • Child modelling and sport where the child or any other person is paid, other than payment for expenses. The application must be made to us and we will process the application.

When does a child not need a licence to perform?

  • If the child performs for only 4 days in any 6 month period, and they don't need time off school to undertake the performance
  • If a child takes part in their full time school performance, this is an educational school not a school of dance.
  • Performances put on by a body of persons, this means a licence is not needed for each individual child.
  • Any activity that the local authority does not consider to be a performance such as a child being interviewed or filmed whilst taking part in some normal activity not specifically arranged for the purpose such as doing school lessons, playing in the park
  • If the activity is directed in any way it may be reviewed and converted into a performance.

If a Child Performance Licence is not required we still request that the organiser of the performance / show register all children taking part.

A chaperone is needed where the child’s parent or teacher is unable to supervise the child for the duration of the performance, rehearsal or activity.

The completed application form together with 2 passport sized photographs with your name written on the photograph need to be sent to: Child Licensing, C/O Jericho San-Juan, School Safeguarding & Attendance Team, 2nd Floor, Ty Elwyn, Llanelli, SA15 3AP.

Please Note: there is a 21 Day Dispensation period for all Child Performance Licence Applications. This will start from the date all required documents are received.

Apply for CHILD Performance Licence