Financial Support

Page updated on: 08/09/2023

When you have children in education, it can all add up. You may be entitled to financial help with school essentials, to stop money getting in the way of your child's education.

If your child/children is not currently receiving Free School Meals and your circumstances have changed this year, we may have support available for you. Check if you are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and School Essentials (PDG Access), which includes support for uniform, sports equipment and devices.

If your child is currently in receipt of Free School Meals, you may also be entitled to additional help through School Essentials (PDG Access)

Universal Free School Meals (UPFSM) will be rolled out to all primary learners in Wales over the next three years. To help the youngest learners as soon as possible, all children in Reception will receive Free School Meals from this September.

There are also a number of charitable trust funds available to which you or your child/children may be eligible to apply.


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