Admission to School - Information for Parents 2023-2024

Information on Education and Learning

Public Examinations

The LA will comply with the requirement of the law. Pupils, if considered suitable by the Headteacher, are entered for the examinations of the Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC) and other examining groups.
The timetables for the examinations are arranged by the WJEC and other examining groups and Headteachers are notified of these and the subsequent examination results directly by those groups.


Exclusion of Pupils

The Headteacher (or another responsible teacher acting in the Headteacher's name) is the only person who has the power to exclude a pupil from the school on disciplinary grounds. It is the Headteacher's duty to inform the parents and children (or pupil if aged 11 or over) of whether the exclusion is permanent or for a fixed period and the reasons for it. Parents will be invited to make representations regarding the exclusion to the exclusion panel of the school governing body. A copy of the exclusion guidance document is available from The Department for Education and Children. Further advice can be obtained from the EOTAS Officer: Tel: 01267 246456.


School Activities Charges

The basic principle is that the education provided by a maintained school should be free of charge where it takes place wholly or mainly during school hours. In some circumstances charges may be made or voluntary contributions sought by schools and this will be brought to the attention of parents before any commitment to a particular activity is made.


School Leaving Date

Pupils may leave school on the last Friday in June of Year 11 of secondary education if they have attained the age of 16.


School Governing Bodies

Each school or federation of schools has a governing body which comprises members of the local community, parents, teachers, staff and representatives of the Local Authority.

Governing Bodies of church schools (voluntary aided and voluntary controlled) also have representatives of the church authority.

When vacancies arise for parent governors, information is circulated via the school’s usual communication channels, and to be eligible to be a parent governor, a person musthave a child registered at the school for which the Governing Body is responsible. A parent governor holds office for a fixed period of four years (two years for Ammanford Nursery School) and a parent governor can, if he or she so chooses, serve the full term of office, even if his or her child is no longer a pupil at that school.Governing Bodies are required by law to meet at least once a term.

Further information relating to governing bodies can be obtained from the School Governance Unit at the Department for Education and Children, Tel: 01267 246448 /