Top tips

Page updated on: 05/09/2023

When you sign your contract, you and your landlord are agreeing to keep to certain promises. This protects both you and your landlord so you both understand what you are responsible for.

  • Pay your rent.
  • Report all repairs.
  • Allow access for repairs, testing & servicing to be carried out.
  • Keep your home and garden clean and tidy.
  • Ask permission before getting any new or additional pets.
  • Be a responsible pet owner.
  • Be responsible for your visitors & their behaviour in your home.
  • Do not cause any nuisance or harassment to your neighbours e.g., loud music or threatening behaviour.
  • Not using your home for a business
  • Not using your home for any illegal or immoral purposes
  • Asking permission if you want to change your home in any way e.g., put in a new door.
  • Heating your home.
  • Opening windows regularly.
  • Not drying your clothes on the radiators.
  • When cooking, putting lids on any boiling pans.
  • Wiping off any excess water or mould with clean, soapy water or dry cloth - if the issue continues report this to the repairs line 01267 234567 (for Council tenancies) or your landlord.


Your landlord would also have responsibilities, and these will be listed in your tenancy agreement.

Council tenancies
Speak to your New Homes Officer about the best way to remove wallpaper without damaging the walls. The best advice may be not to remove the wallpaper in some circumstances. If the plaster has small cracks, you will need to fill these.

Cut grass and hedges regularly. If you are unable to do this yourself, you will need to arrange to have this done for you. Not sure which garden is yours? Ask your Housing Officer.

Private tenancies
If you are a private tenant, you should speak to your landlord before making any alterations or need any help in understanding what you can and cannot do as part of your contract.