What do we offer our graduates?

Page updated on: 28/05/2024

Our graduate programme is now closed for new applications.

Our two-year graduate programme offers graduates and those looking to change their career, a range of exciting opportunities, including roles such as:

  • Data analysts
  • Business management
  • Performance management
  • Events management
  • Finance

Once in your role you can expect to be involved in all aspects of your team’s work and will include:

  • A combination of learning through practical hands on experience
  • An opportunity to study for a professional accreditation.
  • Opportunities for learning and development through in-house and external courses, seminars and workshops.

For example, you will be involved in project related assignments, problem solving, analytical and research work as well as participating in internal /external briefings /meetings. Throughout you will be closely supported by your line manager who will help you with your professional development, and support from immediate colleagues will also facilitate your progress.