Learning for all

Page updated on: 10/05/2024


We welcome visits from school groups of all ages. School visits are free of charge and last up to two hours. We can accommodate a maximum of 30 children in one visit.

Workshops delivered can be tailored to your locality or topic. Our workshops are also available via Teams.

Our school sessions are based on local events and original documents. Pupils have the opportunity to pitch their own research questions before they visit, via a Teams meeting with our Archivist. At the end of the Teams session pupils will take a class vote on which questions they will research when they visit the Archives.

Whatever historical topic you are planning on studying, get in touch to see if we can help. If we are unable to offer a full session, we can still advise on how best for you to proceed.

Contact us at: archives@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Colleges and universities

Tutors are welcome to arrange visits for groups of students. We welcome both undergraduates and postgraduates. We can provide guidance on how to use the Archives, and an introduction to resources we hold.

Contact us at: archives@carmarthenshire.gov.uk