Page updated on: 05/04/2024

Current or new library members aged 16 or over should speak to staff at Carmarthen who will help.  You must provide a valid library card, photo ID and proof of address when applying for Libraries Unlocked e.g. Driving Licence, or passport and household bill.

Only people over the age of 16 will have access to Libraries Unlocked.

Libraries Unlocked is for people who cannot access the library during normal opening hours and require extended hours after opening times. A valid reason is required for accessing this service.

What are valid reasons?

  • Assignment/Dissertation - submission date required.
  • Access to resources that cannot be accessed from home.

Before Libraries Unlocked is agreed, you will need to give your reason for access and agree with the staff member how long you need the access for. If a month’s access is agreed and you need to extend the date, that is not a problem, just speak to a member of staff.

Once you’ve registered, you will gain entry to the library by scanning your library card and entering your PIN number at the main entrance.

No. Everyone who enters must register to use the system and have their own card. Also, special rules apply to evening groups. (Refer to Evening Access notes).

Just walk out of the main doors, there is no need to enter your card or PIN details again.

  • Visit the library, browse the stock, read, study and get information.
  • Use customer PCs and access the internet.
  • Use the library’s Wi-Fi.

There are CCTV cameras throughout the building for your peace of mind and you may pick up a phone and dial 999 if there is any form of emergency. We will cover some basic procedures at an induction when you register for Libraries Unlocked membership and we will also let you know that use of the library outside staffed hours in strictly at your own risk.

There will be a Caretaker on duty during Libraries Unlocked access.

If you are unable to gain entry using your card and PIN number it could be because the date has expired. We also reserve the right to remove your PIN number if you fail to follow our terms and conditions.

Rules – we can’t live without them, and to make our Libraries Unlocked environment good for everyone these are what we will apply to the service at Carmarthen:

  1. Customers should be alert and not allow anybody to follow you into the library. If you are concerned that someone may follow you into the library, then you should not enter.
  2. Customers should not open the door to allow anyone into the library during Libraries Unlocked times, as this person might not be registered for Libraries Unlocked access to the library.
  3. Customers should only enter and leave the building by the designated entrance.
  4. Customers should not use the fire doors other than in the event of an emergency. The fire door is alarmed but will open in case of fire.
  5. Customers must not pass their card and PIN onto anyone else.
  6. Only over 16’s are allowed access to Open +
  7. Customers must not access the counter area or use any equipment therein.
  8. Customers should not attempt to enter any restricted areas.
  9. Customers must not plug any device, such as a mobile phone, laptop etc into the mains or council network.
  10. Customers who have a medical condition that may pose a risk to themselves in Libraries Unlocked hours, enter the library entirely at their own risk.
  11. Should an emergency arise then contact numbers are displayed in the library. Customers should note that these are emergency numbers only and must not be used for anything else.
  12. You must be considerate for other people using the Libraries Unlocked service at the same time as you, respect their right to the quiet use of the library and not act in any way which may cause a nuisance or disturbance to them.
  13. You must use all services and equipment responsibly. You are required to respect the regulations around the use of library resources and property and assist in their protection.
  14. You must not remove any reference material, newspapers, equipment or furniture from the library.
  15. No dogs, other than assistance dogs, can be brought into the library.
  16. You must not smoke, bring in or drink alcohol, illegal substances, electronic cigarettes, or anything that could be deemed a weapon. You must act at all times in accordance with the library byelaws.
  17. Please remember to protect your library card and PIN; this is your bank card to the library!
  18. You must leave the building before Libraries Unlocked service shuts down and take all your belongings with you.
  19. There are CCTV cameras in the library. However, if you have any concerns about the use of the library whilst you are present then please let us know within 48 hours of the incident by e-mail to ECSLibrary@carmarthenshire.gov.uk, by telephone 01267 224824 or in person to another library.

Groups may book use of a room during Libraries Unlocked hours.  Anyone booking a room needs to be a group leader with Libraries Unlocked membership. Group leaders will take responsibility for the group and will be able to let members of the group in during the evening. Please talk to staff about booking a room at least 24 hours in advance and agree a time to have an induction into use of a room.

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