Wildlife in your Ward

Page updated on: 17/10/2023

Carmarthenshire is justly celebrated for the variety within its natural environment, from the uplands in the north east of the county to our magnificent coastline.

Every ward contributes to the rich and varied network of wildlife habitats that make up the county, whether that be woodlands, grasslands hedgerows, rivers or gardens.

The Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership received funding in 2020 from the Welsh Government via the Local Nature Partnership Cymru project to produce short profiles for wards in Carmarthenshire to highlight the natural environment in each ward area in the county.

The profiles were produced in partnership with the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre (WWBIC) who provided data and maps around which the profiles are structured.

Use our ward profiles to explore your local area and record what you see.

These profiles include:

  • Special species in your area
  • Information on how you can help and take part in protecting the local wildlife
  • How to record species in your area
  • Special sites of interest in your area, such as conservation areas
  • Local sites and walks to explore

There are links within the profiles that will help you find out more and take action locally.