Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

Page updated on: 31/08/2023

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) is produced to provide further detail on certain policies and proposals contained within the Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan (LDP). They help ensure certain policies and proposals are better understood and applied more effectively. SPG can be produced in the form of:

  • Guidance on a particular topic
  • Master plans
  • Design guides
  • Area development briefs 

SPG do not have the same status as adopted development plan policies, however, the Government advises that they may be taken into account as a material consideration in determining planning applications. The following SPG have been adopted are available to download: 

*Note: Documents marked with * are currently only available in draft form and should be read in conjunction with the Report to Council (Agenda item 9.2) when interpreting their adopted content.