Event waste and recycling guide

Containers and signage

Will your chosen waste company provide bins/liners for your event? If not, you will need to source your own and add signage.

Have clear signage on site at waste & recycling points.
Ensure all bins and signage look consistent, this will help reinforce recycling messages around the site and make it easier for people to recognise where to recycle.
Keep information simple and visual to avoid any language barriers and to make it easier for people to understand and engage in recycling.

Keep bins together in stations, if you dot them around e.g., a food bin in one location and a glass bin at another – people may use the nearest bin for whatever waste they have.

Make sure you have enough of the right type of bins too, if you have a bar selling bottled products then you may need more glass bins in that area. If one bin type fills up, then whatever is next to it will get used possibly for the wrong thing.

Ensure all staff and stall holders know before the start of the event, what can be recycled and where to put it. There is no point asking the public to recycle if staff or stall holders are not setting an example too. They can also help you by signposting customers or even have simple messages/information on their stall about recycling.

If you have enough staff or volunteers, set up waste wardens around bin areas to give advice and ensure waste is recycled properly.