Event waste and recycling guide

Look for commercial/business waste services in your area

Find out what types of waste licensed contractors can collect in your area, and what can be recycled.

Recycling collection is often cheaper than landfill so choose a contractor who can recycle a range of waste types suited to your needs and shop around.

Future legislation in Wales for businesses will ban some recyclable waste from landfill and require segregation of key items for recycling.

Think before choosing or advising stall holders on the use of biodegradable or compostable items. If there is no infrastructure to collect them separately and then process them, they will just end up mixed with other non-recyclable waste and probably landfilled.

Biodegradable is a general term and just means a product will break down in land air or water over an unspecified period which could be years. if a product carries a compost logo with the EN 13432 standard then that requires an industrial compost process. These items need to be kept separate from any recyclable waste items or they could contaminate them and prevent them from being recycled.

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