Motorcycle Training

Page updated on: 14/06/2024

Whether you’ve just passed your motorcycle test, are returning to biking after a period of absence or even if you’ve been riding for years, why not take advantage of learning something new, and improving your existing motorcycle skills. There is a range of opportunities available to motorcyclists to help make them a safer rider.

Take a look at some of the schemes available in Carmarthenshire:

Dragon Rider Cymru

Dragon Rider Cymru is a motorcycle training course supported by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Enhanced Rider Scheme. Why not take advantage of our free course, and enhance your motorcycle skills.


BikeSafe is designed to increase your understanding of your own ability and how to find ways to improve your riding. Delivered by the Police, in partnership with the Fire & Rescue Service, BikeSafe workshops explore the main riding hazards you face as a rider by providing structured feedback from advanced Police and Fire & Rescue motorcyclists.

Advanced Motorcycle Training

Why not go one step further and make yourself an even safer rider and speak to one of our local groups to see what can be offered in terms of advanced motorcycle training.

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