Residential & Mixed Use Zone

Page updated on: 01/12/2023

The Emlyn Brickworks site is an exciting and ambitious mixed use project which is regenerating and revitalizing a large post industrial plateau. Operations ceased in the early nineties on what was, the last surviving brickworks in South Wales. The site’s regeneration potential is reflected through its mixed use allocation within the recently adopted Local Development Plan and will incorporate a significant housing development of around 250 units plus community, commercial and public realm facilities – the site is 21 hectares with an aspiration of a variety of uses to present an even greater offering to the market.

Situated to the North of Cross Hands Growth Zone it presents an opportunity derived from the outcomes of the forecast economic growth in the zone itself. Population and housing demand are set to increase in the zone and its hinterland areas – again the location of the Growth Zone is one of the key features to the fore once more. Based on this, additional Transport developments are planned including a direct link road to the Manchester bound A476 which will allow traffic to move freely in and around the key sites in the zone.

Access and outline construction works are currently underway on the site and the current owners of Emlyn Brickworks are working closely with Carmarthenshire County Council to deliver this exciting component of the Growth Zone.