Food Zone

Page updated on: 01/12/2023

Anchored by some of the most notable names in the Food Production sector, the Food Zone is at the very heart of the Cross Hands Growth Zone. Output and productivity are by-words truly associated with the food zone as the site employs well over 1,500 people in the food industry all involved in the value-added process of food production. Land availability; skilled workforce; fast market networks and financial incentives have been the key drivers for the growth experienced to date.

The site was formed through a desire of a nearby employer to expand and an ambitious economic vision shared by both Carmarthenshire County Council and the Welsh Government. Underpinned by a strong heritage in the food industry, the decision was made to drive forward with the establishment of Cross Hands Food Park. It’s nearly 10 years since the anchor development of 200,000 square feet by Dawn Meats Group was completed. This was the catalyst for the park to attract further significant employers such as Castell Howell Foods, Wales’ largest independent wholesaler. Castle Howell have recently further expanded their operations at the park with a partnership to develop the Celtica facility.

In addition to these developments, a speculative 30,000 square foot complex was developed aimed at smaller covenants – this has been an undoubted success from day one with many of the original tenants experiencing phenomenal growth and one in particular moving ahead to construct their own purpose-built facility adjacent to the units.

The opportunities at the food park are now clear – growth. With several acres of land available for the right business and a support network for the sector and the site, the chance exists for food producers to develop their position in a national and global context at Cross Hands Food Park.