South West Wales Regional Engagement Team (RET)

Page updated on: 18/08/2023

Four Regional Engagement Teams have been set up across Wales to help ensure EU funding proposals meet existing and future opportunities and investments at regional levels – North Wales, Mid Wales, South West Wales and South East Wales.

The South West Wales Regional Engagement Team (RET) is here to ensure the South west Wales region gains maximum benefit from EU funding.

If you are considering applying for EU funding or are already delivering an EU funded project, contact us for guidance on how your project can support regional priorities, make links to other projects and benefit from case studies and examples of best practice.

We work across all sectors to ensure the effective participation and success of EU funded investments – adding value to existing/planned investments within the context of established and emerging regional and thematic activities and opportunities.  We achieve this through the following objectives and actions:

Actions include:

  • Acquire intelligence on regional priorities/discussions from regional working groups.
  • Networking & Engagement

Actions include:

  • Support regional partnership structures to ensure consensus on proposed activity (prioritisation)

Actions include:

  • Ensure regional consideration and participation within national strategic projects (additionality of activity, impact on skills demand/supply, ensuring cross-sector engagement, alignment with strategic ambitions, ensuring integration and no duplication).
  • Regular reporting and engagement with WEFO
  • Facilitate the regular review of the Economic Prioritisation Framework (EPF)

Actions include:

  • Ongoing mapping of activity (approved, developing and emerging) across all funding streams across the region
  • Promote networking amongst projects/contacts through engagement and events

Promotion of opportunities and successes of projects through:

  • Regular Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Dissemination Events & Workshops

Actions include:

  • Monitor and assess the impact and scope of European funded activity in the region through regular contact with WEFO and other funders and with Lead Beneficiaries to accurately gather information to inform regular reporting.

Actions include:

  • RET teams supporting/integrated across City Region Boards (Swansea Bay & Cardiff City Region), North Wales Economic Ambition Board, Growing Mid Wales Partnership and Regional Skills Partnerships.