Carmarthenshire Tourism Ambassador

The longer we can get the 2.32million visitors that visited Carmarthenshire in 2021 to stay, the more money they will spend in our local economy. The more they are made aware of our coast and countryside, historic sites, active adventures and amazing range of food and drink, the more they will want to stay, enjoy and of course spend.

We all need to play a proactive part in this. If a visitor has enjoyed your service or visited your patch, tell them about someone else. If they have enjoyed Llandovery, take the time to sell them the Llandeilo or Carmarthen experience. Them deciding to stay an extra night can mean an extra spend in a restaurant or pub as well as the accommodation itself.

To help increase your knowledge of our large and diverse County, we have developed the Ambassador Scheme, providing modules on a variety of key topics including your specific town. Each module consists of text, videos and images, with a fun quiz at the end about the content.

You become an official Tourism Ambassador once you complete the initial 3-module Bronze level – and will be sent a downloadable certificate and a certificate icon to post to your social media. You will need to pass further modules to reach the Silver and Gold levels with each module taking approx. 30 minutes to complete (some slightly shorter/longer with opportunities to re-take any modules)

The benefits of becoming a Tourism Ambassador

For individuals

  • Deepen your knowledge of your local area
  • Provide an even better customer experience
  • Boost your confidence to share knowledge and information with others
  • Gain new skills to add to your CV
  • Chance to celebrate your passion for our beautiful County
  • Share ideas and best practice as part of a wider interest group

For Businesses / Organisations

  • Offers a free, off the shelf staff induction programme
  • PR opportunities using the accreditation
  • Help increase loyalty and repeat visits from customers
  • Play a part in boosting spend in your local area

How to sign up

Registration is quick and easy (and FREE). Anyone can take part in the course from accommodation and attraction providers to those working front of house in a shop or café, students, traffic wardens, tour guides, event organisers, volunteers etc.

Sign up to be a Carmarthenshire Tourism Ambassador