Building notice application

Page updated on: 04/09/2023

This is the simpler of the two methods of notification. Building notices allow work to be carried out without needing to submit full plans. They are suitable for small work and allow you to begin work quickly.  It can be used for most domestic building works.

It cannot be used for shops or offices, or erecting a new building on a private street.  It also cannot be used for works close to or on top of a sewer.

Detailed plans are not always required with this type of application. A building notice application form must be completed and accompanied by a location plan. Charges are payable upon submission of your application.

Disadvantages of a Building Notice:

  • You must feel confident that the works comply with current Building Regulations or you risk having to correct it after inspection
  • No Approval Notice will be issued
  • A Building Notice may not be accepted for mortgage purposes

All plans must have a scale bar, key dimensions, the direction of North, original paper size and scale (e.g. 1:200 at A3) clearly marked upon them. While not compulsory, submitting plans and drawings on A3 will help us  process your application more efficiently. For example, consider placing fewer elevations on smaller page sizes, even if this means submitting more documents.

Submitting your application

If you're applying online you can upload a maximum number of six documents with your application. If you have more than six attachments email them to quoting your online reference number. When uploading supporting documents individual files should not exceed 5MB in size. Total file size must not exceed 14MB. Please use the following file types, for supporting documents, wherever possible.

  • Images/plans: pdf, bmp, gif, jpg/jpeg, plt, png, tif/tiff
  • Documents: pdf, doc, rtf, txt, xls

Apply for a building notice