Regularisation applications

Page updated on: 10/10/2018

If you have carried out work without first receiving building regulations approval then you can apply for retrospective approval. This process is called regularisation. This applies to all works carried out after 11th November 1985.

If you do not gain approval then you may have problems re-mortgaging or selling the property.  There may also be health and safety problems.

Regularisation Procedure 

The first step will be to submit a regularisation application form to us along with the relevant fee.

Then you will need to call us to arrange an inspection of the work carried out. Depending on the type of work that was carried out you may need to expose some of the work. For example if it is a chimney breast removal the supports will need to be exposed and if it is an extension then the foundations will need to be exposed. 

Once the work has been inspected and the inspector can confirm it complies with building regulations then a regularisation certificate will be issued. This is similar to a completion certificate, which are sometimes issued after the completion of authorised works. If remedial work is necessary this will be highlighted and once corrected, a regulation certificate will be issued.

In some rare cases it may be possible for the Council to issue a letter confirming that no further enforcement action will be taken where it is not possible to expose the works that have been carried out to your property. This option can particularly relate to work that has been carried out prior to 1985. 

Download regularisation application