Do you need building regulation permissions?

Page updated on: 04/09/2023

The majority of building projects require approval under Building Regulations, these include:

  • The construction of a new house, office, shop, factory, hotels, schools and many other types of buildings.
  • The extension of any building, unless the extension is either a porch or conservatory.
  • Structural alterations carried out on buildings, e.g. removing load-bearing walls.
  • Alterations to drainage systems, heating systems and hot water systems.
  • Internal alterations to commercial buildings that affect means of escape in case of fire.
  • Renovation of thermal elements such as a roof, wall or floor which separates a thermally conditioned (heated or cooled) space.
  • Cavity wall insulation.
  • Underpinning
  • Replacement windows, doors and rooflights
  • Electrical works
  • Certain changes of use of buildings for example a loft / garage conversion

Some buildings are exempt and individuals and enterprises who are registered on the competent persons scheme may be able to self certify certain types of work.

There are occasions when, for various reasons, building work has been carried out without the benefit of a Building application. When this happens we may be able to issue a Regularisation Certificate to legitimise the unauthorised work.

Building regulation applications